About Me

Jennifer Blades Portrait Pic Personal Stylist Fashion Consultant Cincinnati Ohio

Think Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City) except….Youtube video Jennifer Blades Personal Stylist Cincinnati Ohio Closet
I’ve never been to Paris.
There’s no Mr. Big.
Cincinnati, not New York.
I’m not a writer.
I didn’t grow up in Connecticut.
And I don’t frequently meet my group of girlfriends at a coffee shop.

Okay, so maybe not Carrie Bradshaw at all.

Maybe I just secretly want to be her, living in New York in a great apartment with all those great clothes and accessories. Deep breathe. Okay, back to reality.

Here are a few snippets of info to help you get to know me better…
I’m obsessed with my English bulldog (Samantha). By obsessed I mean she has her own Facebook page where she tells stories about her life and sometimes has a song to share.

You know the face Will Farrel makes in the movie Elf when he finds out “Santa is coming?” This is the same face I make when I see my dog..

As far back as I can remember, I have loved to shop. When I was in younger, , the perfect outfit meant everything matched. If I was wearing a red shirt with white polka dots, everything else I had on was red with white polka dots….from my hair bow to my earrings. My fashion has progressed a bit since then.

Even though I love to shop, I know that’s not the case for everyone. I know there are some people who hate to shop, who hate fashion and who  think that when an item doesn’t fit them properly that something is wrong with their body. Women out there listen up “NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR BODY.” You don’t need to be a size 2. (And believe me, being a size 2 won’t stop you from thinking something is wrong with your body when an outfit doesn’t fit right.)

It’s all about finding what properly fits your unique frame. All of us are proportioned differently, so it’s almost impossible for the newest trend to work for everyone.

Let me help you see and celebrate YOUR unique beauty. Let me help you STOP BEING MEAN TO YOURSELF. It’s less about the clothes and more about you coming into your power and confidence about what the proper fit is for you and creating your own unique look.

Contact me today to schedule an appointment and feel great about your look!